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Wedding First Night Sex Tips

Wedding nights are often clouded with anticipation by both the bride and the groom. But, above all, the wedding couple wants to make their first night unforgettable. To avoid frustrations, don’t harbor very high expectations for your first night. Apart from just the actual vaginal or anal penetration, there are many things that couples can do to make their first night amazing.

Here are some wedding first night sex tips that will make your wedding first night sex memorable:  

Flirt With one Another

Many couples rush to slip off their fancy clothes and jump into bed straight after exchanging vows. However, sex requires preparation. Don’t just focus on the obvious. Take time to ease off the pressure from your wedding by making fun and appreciating that you are finally in each other’s arms. Kiss for some time while touching each other arms gently. Look your partner straight in the eyes and tell them something sweet. These simple things will keep you focused on each other and build anticipation for a remarkable night.

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